A tradition, in general, is understood as a wide array of old beliefs, practises and customs handed down from generation to generation. Every culture, every group of people have their own customs and traditions. Traditions are our roots. They are us, our culture, our identity, our world. ” Tir gan teanga, tir gan anim. A country without a language is a country without a soul ” so writes Pádraig Pearse. A tradition stirs emotions in individuals, provokes a greater sense of self-awareness.

Festival 1

The Galway International Art Festival is a multinational festival producing and presenting an international programme of theatre, spectacles, dances, virtual arts, music and comedies. The festival takes place each July in Galway, Ireland, since the 1978. This year, for example, it presented ” Invitation to a journey inspired by Eileen Gray “, ” Making Ireland Modern “, ”  Waiting for Godot” and ” Insect “.


The first is a new work inspired by the architect and designer Eileen Gray featuring an original score composed by Deidre Gribbin. It combines dance, music and theatre to create a compelling illustration of a once-forgotten now celebrated Irish modernist.


The second presents ten infrastructural episodes – Negation, Electricity, Health, Education, Telecommunications, Motorways, Data – spanning a period of one hundred years from 1916-2016 cross drawings, photographs, models and other artefacts. The exhibition explore a relationship between architecture, infrastructure and technology in the building of a nation.


The third is the most famous play by Samuel Beckett, in which two characters, Vladimir and Estragon, wait endlessly and in vain for the arrival of someone named Godot. It was presented by acclaimed Galway theatre company, Druid.


In the last fire-breathing insects, beautiful butterflies and giant dragons, created by the world famous Sarruga, accompanied by a pulsating electronic musical score, travel from Eyes Square through the heart of the city to the Latin Quarter and the Spanish Arch.

In conclusion this festival is very good and is an important occasion to celebrate the arts. The Irish Times called it “the biggest, most exciting, most imaginative explosion of arts activity this country has”.

Ilaria Fontana


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