Galway’s unique culture

written by Sofia, Gaia and Fatima


Music in Ireland seems to be a lifestyle. They listen to everything from typical Irish music to modern music, which is also influenced by other cultures and countries. I tried to make a survey and what I found out was that Irish folk music is made by typical instruments like violin, that here they call “fiddle”, the thin flute, banjo and a particular drum called “Bodhran” made of goat skin. This type of music is mostly listened to by older people.


For what concernes more modern music, in the streets of Galway you can see a lot of musicians doing their best playing covers of pop and rock music of the moment as well as Irish folk music, to which you can dance, and that has lots of influences by other country’s music, like spanish or italian one. Those songs are usually played with guitars, violins, trumpets and banjos. An example of the mix of culture is a band from Galway, called “Galway Street Club”, made up by 15 members, all from different countries,which, as you can tell by the name, play their music in the street and bring it to every person who has the pleasure to hear it, walking down the street.


If you ever come to Galway, you will realize how music is important, by seeing all the music shops, selling CDs and a big variety of instruments. Finally you can sit in a pub and enjoy the vibes of very good live music while eating a sandwich and drinking a typical Irish beer.

The Claddagh Ring

Originally the Claddagh was an ancient fishing village. The word “Claddagh” means rocky sand in gaelic. It was located near the Spanish Arc and was where the community sells their catch. The Claddagh is most famous for the Claddagh Ring



The ring is composed by two hands holding a crowned heart and is linked to an ancient story: it told about a blacksmith who fell in love with the king’s daughter. He didn’t understand their love story but he wanted to give a chance to the poor man. in fact he gave him the opportunity to go on a sea voyage and if he would come back home with a ring worthy of his daughter, he will agree to let them marry. Finally the ring has also a very beautiful meaning: the hands are for community you are from; the heart is for love for your partner and the crown is for the loyalty to your spouse and also to your king. But what do Irish people know about this ring? It’s strange, but just one couple know the meaning behind this ring, in fact they were wearing it. And even the man who sold the rings didn’t know the true story.

The Aran Island

The Aran Islands are a group of three islands: Inis mor (the largest) Inishmaan (the most populated) and Inisheer (the smallest) located at the mouth of Galway Bay, on the west coast of Ireland.

We’ve visited the biggest one, Inis mor that’s one of the most popular destinations in Ireland. Private minibuses, horse-drawn carriages and bicycles are the main methods of getting about for the many tourists who visit the island in the summer months.  In those 7  km you can admire beautiful landscapes that give to you an amazing sense of peace.

When you arrive there you can find some wool shops and some restaurants and food shops.

Dún Aonghasa is the most famous of several prehistoric forts on the Aran Island. It is an important archaeological site that also offers a spectacular view. It’s not known when it was built, though it is now thought to date from the Iron Age

Image result for inis mor



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