History of Galway (by Allegra Villari, Camilla Alessandro and Giovanni La Rocca)



The Claddagh is the old name of the centre of Galway, where the river Corrib meets Galway Bay. It was formerly a fishing village, just outside the old city walls. During the 19th century the Claddagh attracted many visitors, including writers who spread its fame. The Claddagh its famous internationality for “The Claddagh Ring”. This ring consist of two arms holding a crowned heart, and it`s particular because if you put it on the right hand with point of the heart toward the fingertips means that you are single, if you  put it on the right hand with point of the heart toward the wrist means that you are in a relationship, if you put on the left hand with point of the heart toward the fingertips means that you are engaged and if  you put on the left hand with point of the heart toward the wrist it means that you are married.


I went into the city centre to interview some people about the history of Galway and the story of Claddagh ring , but only one person told me that the Cathedral is the most important monument but she don`t know nothing about the ring. So maybe some Irish people don`t know a lot of information about the city and for me this is so strange.

Allegra Villari



Yesterday we went to question the people in a mall but anybody answered me or didn´t know the answers. So I did some researches on Irish dishes. One pot-cooking doesn’t get much simpler then Irish stew,witch was traditionally made with mutton,slowly stewed for hours until the meat was tender,with onions,potatoes and some recipes adding carrots to the pot. The other traditional dish is fish and chips,and Irish people eat a lot potatoes. The difference between typical italian and irish foods are that the tea, they drink is with milk to our difference.The differences between Irish and Italian traditional foods are shocking.One example is that the Irish  people drink tea with milk. Where italians don’t! The coffe is full of water,then they use so many conduiments. They eat a little bread while we eat it for lunch and dinner.

Camilla Alessandro






Not everybody knows that Galway has a beer produced here: Galway Hooker Beer.

It is available in Galway Pubs like: The Crane Bar, The King’s Head and O’Connors Pub.


The Crane Bar


2 Sea Road, Galway, Ireland

Web Site: www.thecranebar.com

If you want to drink or eat in a traditional Irish Pub “The Crane Bar” is the right place. Here you can eat typical food, drink beer and listen to Irish music. It has two floors:

  • Upstairs there is an intimate and relaxed atmosphere with live singers or songwriters.
  • Downstairs there is the traditional bar with an Irish atmosphere



The King’s Head


15 High Street, Galway, Ireland

Web Site: www.thekingshead.ie

Before being a pub it was a huge townhouse owned by one of the founding tribes of Galway. The legend says that the king died in the pub and his body never left the place. His head is burried in one of the walls: that’s why the name of the pub is “King’s Head”.

Noiwadays it is an international pub always crowded by youngers. Here you can listen to rock and young music.



O’Connors Pub


135, Upper Salthill, Galway, Ireland

Web Site: www.oconnorsbar.com

If you find lamps, bikes, fishing nets materials or clothes on the floor and on the walls, don’t you worry, you are at “O’Connors Pub”.

Here you can also find folk music, people from all around the world, typical beer and an incredible atmosphere.

The best way to live Ireland.

Giovanni La Rocca



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