Stereotypes (Domenico Brancaccio, Benedetta Della Sala, Raffaele Lamagna)

babbalaIt’s something normal having some guesses about cultures and lifestyles we don’t know. Who doesn’t think about fast-food when people talk about America? Who doesn’t think about sushi when someone talks about Japan or about baguettes and croissants in the case of France? Who doesn’t think about Favelas when they talk about Brasil? Everywhere people have prejudices and also Irish and Italian, even if they’re considered “nice guys”, have their ones and the same. Of course, they’re not always true.

What do Irish people think about Italy?

14355162_1580866205554059_2130261513406361462_nMost of the people we asked about our country answered us “pizza”, “pasta” and “coffee” because, of course, we have the best food in the world (we don’t put ketchup on our bolognese!). Many of them also told us “the
people are passional”, “romantic”, “energetic”, “guys are nice”, “girls are good looking”… Yes, all they’ve said is the truth (they had also to call us “modest”). Moreover, they praised our places, especially the Alps, Garda’s Lake, Colosseo, and Vaticano and told us they think we are very religious because of the latter. But they also dealt with some sins of ours, such as “mafia” or “gangsters” or still “aggressive young men” and “tight people with money”.

What do Italian people think about Ireland?

And now it’s our turn to point our finger against Ireland, the country with our faded flag. Before we came to Ireland we thought they all were red people with freckles and green eyes and clothes (we’ve only seen two red people… Ok, now we are exaggerating).irish-stereotypes Besides, before arriving here, people told us “Oh, are you going to Ireland? Irish are really nice, they are Mediterranean who live in the wrong place!”. About the places, we imagined green hills with white sheeps and many shamrocks. We also guessed Irish ate only potatoes and drink nothing but beer!

What Italian and Irish actually are likeblue-sheep

Unfortunately, we both weren’t totally like we imaged each other. In fact we didn’t find the so many red people we had dreamed to see (what a delusion!) and Italian aren’t such bad guys (probably) as Irish described them. With regard to
Irish places they are about like we thought: everything is green, but we couldn’t imagine sheeps were blue! Anyway after this experience we think that before judging a country or anything in general it should be better to know it first.


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