Traditions by Ilaria,Chiara and Miriana (pt.3)

Christmas day

Galwagian people normally spend their Christmas with their family.But in town there are Christmas markets and Eyre Square is definitely the heart of festivities.Nights have plenty of live entertainment and amusements. And of course the streets are full of amazing Christmas lights that create a magic atmosphere.



A very interesting annual event, is the Day Swim in Salthill. Anyone can enjoy and take a dip in the cold sea on Christmas morning to rais funds for charity.



St.Patrick day

Every year on 17th of March , Irish people celebrate St.Patrick. It is a national holiday because St.Patrick is the patron of Ireland (but it is said he was from Wales).


Due to this, you can expect a wonderful parade in the town and its aim is to create a carnival and enthusiastic atmosphere.The first parade took place in New York in 1760s.


Even bands from Ireland and around the world play a very important part during the festival.

Miriana Sapere




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