Galway by night

Yesterday, after dinner,at my host house I met all my friends at 8.30 in the centre of Galway near the school. It was too cold, but I was happy because we were all together in a different place for the first time. We walked around and I was so surprised to see a lot of people who sing and play traditional songs. My friend and I decided to dance in front of them. We enjoyed it so much and some people took videos of us. After that, some of us bought fake Italian ice cream and then my sister and I ran to catch the bus on time. It was great!

Monica, Simona and Alessia  



Everybody thinks that Irish people have red hair, love green and drink only beer. These are stereotypes. I thought the same, but during these days in Galway I changed my ideas because some things are true but not everything. For example, not everybody has red hair or loves green. But almost everybody loves beer, especially Guinness. Sometimes they drink too much. In the end,I think travel is very important because you can learn what is real.

Monica, Alessia and Simona.


Ireland is a nation much more multicultural than Italy. For example, in Dublin and Cork there are many communities such as Italian, French, Spanish, Brasilian, German and Polish.

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In Ireland you can learn English. Here, they have some of the most famous schools in the world. Irish people are friendly and social and it isn’t difficult to find someone to practice English with.

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Ireland is a good nation if you are looking for a job because there are a lot of multinational corporations, for example Apple, Amazon, E-Bay, Microsoft, Kellogs and Facebook; and also because the economic problems that the nation went through years ago is now finished.

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Ireland is one of the most safest nations in the world. Only a few blocks are dangerous neighbourhoods and the crimes are less than in Italy.

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Ireland is one of the most secure nations in the world.Only in some outlying districts in Dublin and Limerick are dangerous. In Italy there are about 39 crime for every 1000 people. In Ireland it’s 20.

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In Ireland landscapes are wonderful: cliffs,valleys,villages,ancient castles, ….

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In Irish cities there is a lot to do; festivals, concerts and shows; There are also a lot of pubs with live music.

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Ireland is a convenient country to

go to another country. For example to

go to the USA from Dublin or Shannon is

very easy and there is Ryanair which

is a low cost fly company.

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If you are in love with clothes and accessories, Ireland could be perfect for you! In fact, here, there is one of the most famous and loved shops in the world.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Image result for penneys galway

Primark, also known in Ireland as Penneys, is an English clothing shop with different shops all over the world. It is adored by teenagers because it offers a different range of products at a low cost. For all these reason, Primark is a destination that all the tourists have to go to.


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Another fantastic place in Ireland is Costa Coffee, a British multinational coffeehouse, the second largest in the world behind Starbucks. The creators of such a great factory are two Italian brothersBruno and Sergio Costa who founded a coffee roastery in Lambeth, London. Here, you can find hot drinks, iced coolers, sweet snacks, sandwiches and others delicious foods. Immidiately, you will find it, because outside it is red and white with a big signboard.


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Another amazing shop where you should go is Mc Donagh’s. Mc Donagh’s is a traditional, family-run restaurant, that prepares traditional Irish foods ince 1902. In this local restaurant you can find fish and chips, fast food and a lot of different beers.


We have visited all these exiting shops and we enjoyed spending our free time there so we hope you will have a lot of fun like us! 


Nightlife in Galway


TIG COILI: This pub is situated at the end of shop street and it’s famous for its athmosphere and traditional music sessions. Here you can listen to several Irish performers as well as the staff themselves. In fact, they will often be playing when they’re not needed behind the bar. There are also some seats at the back if you want to relax.


(or NAUGHTON’S): The local people have served its customers since 1894. In this pub you can taste one of 130 different types of whiskey and enjoy the traditional or country music.


THE QUAYS: One of the most famous and historic drinking establishments in Galway it’s located in the centre of “Latin Quarter”. For almost 400 years the Quays has catered to both local clients and visitors. “Glore Tire” takes place here, it is a talent competitions for country singers filmed by Irish tv station tg4.



GALWAY INTERNATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL: Was founded in 1978 and presents theatres, dance, visual arts, music and literature. It takes place in July and lasts two weeks. It has over 165,000 visitors per year.

GALWAY RACES: Is an Irish horse-riding festival that starts on the last Monday of July and lasts for seven days. The busiest day is Wednesday, when the Galway Plate is, the main competition, is held. This festival is 147 years old.



DRUID THEATRE: This award-winning theatre is famous for staging experimental works by young Irish playwrights and adaptations of classics. The theatre building was an old tea warehouse.


Social Life in Galway (Written by Colangelo Francesco, Buonocore Gaia, Manzione Giulia)

Sports in Galway 

Singular traditional sports in Galway are hurling, rugby and Gaelic football.While rugby is famous also in the majority of the world, Gaelic football and hurling aren’t , so I’ll explain what they are.

Padraig Mannion (Galway), John Power (Kilkenny)


Hurling is a Celtic sport very popular in Ireland, so in Galway as well. It’s played by 15 players, and it’s like hockey without skates.


Gaelic football is really similar to soccer, but it’s played also with hands and the points you get with one goal chyange in the order you scored them.

After been in the streets asking people questions about sports, I discovered somethings about Galway people habits. The majority of people goes really often to the stadium to watch their favourites sports. Anyway, while many people go to the stadium to watch hurling and rugby, lots of football fans prefer to follow the matches in some pub. Other popular sports are basketball and soccer. However, there are also many people who don’t go to the stadium because they don’t follow sports.


In conclusion, after being avoided by many local people I found some guys who were pleasant to talk with. After doing this field research and after interviewing some local people, I can safely say that the traditional sports are really popular, but the people have started to follow also some new sports.

Fish Resturant

Galway is one of the most famous cities in Ireland for food, in particular for fish.


Mc Donagh`s is considered an institution where everyone has to go. This place is famous for fish&chips, it’s cheap as chips (!) and you can go with friends or family. Mc Donagh’s is both a fish market and a restaurant, the fish is fresh, just taken in the day from local fisherman. Its walls are painted with murals depicting the old Galway fish market.


Fisherman is another famous restaurant where you can eat good fish meat. It’s a seafood bar and grill, with a stunning location overlooking Galway bay. The O’Malley family have been fishing the shores of Ireland for the past 40 years.


Oscar’s seafood bistro is also a famous place to eat fresh fish. Here you can find a selection of local foods and menu depends on the season or what is best at the market. The bistro has great character and is situated in the historic Galway city. The prices are not high, and everyone advises the daily specialities.

Music in Galwaygalway_-_early_music_festivall

Galway is very famous for music life and there are some important bands from this city which are “The Saw Doctors” and “The Stunning”. Every year there is a famous music festival called Galway Early Music Festival in which you can hear European music from the 12th to the 18th century. Here you can find also typical dances and costumes.


In several pubs and restaurants you can find traditional and also contemporary music and famous street are the Dominic Street, Quay Street and at the “Crane Bar” on Sea Road.




History of Irish food

A very famous Welsh writer, Gerald, wrote about Irish history that: “this island is filled with pastures and meadows, honey and milk”. As a matter of fact, people used to eat meat and dairy products in the midlands whereas inhabitants along the shoreline used to prefer eating fish. The only one similarity was vegetables, eaten in the whole of Ireland.
Irish eating habits changed in the 16th century because of the importation of the potato form the Americas to Ireland.  Irish culinary culture change in such a strong way that the most popular dish became potato and butter. The extraordinary fact is that ‘the blight’, a potato illness which brought about famine from 1845-1849, led to mass emigration.

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Despite the famine, Irish kitchen regained his life trough sodium bicarbonate importation, which gave the base to produce soda bread. Soda bread is a typical kind of bread which is easier to make and faster to rise than normal bread. Interestingly, it has got a cross on it that could have two different meanings:

  • Firstly, one could be that it’s there properly to make the devil escape from everyone.
  • Another is that it makes its division into four parts easier.

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On the 22/07/16 we prepared some questions at school and we asked them to people in the commercial center. It was both funny and instructive because we had nice conversations with very friendly people.
From their answers we had the possibility to know better Ireland and Irish people too.
When we asked them what their favorite Irish food is, they said: cheese, porridge, potatoes and boxty. Furthermore, some of them answered that they like drinking beer, in fact Guinness beer is becoming more and more popular not only in Ireland but also in whole of Europe.

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Another important food here is the potato; maybe we could say that it is the most popular food source. There are lots of meals made with potatoes: one of these is called: “Colcannon”which is sometimes prepared with garlic and cauliflower. Another is called “Champ”, and it is made with eggs and onions.
In Ireland you can find also good fish, like: salmons, oysters and cods.

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O’Connor’s “famous” Pub in Salthill can be considered the first singing pub in Ireland. On entering O’Connor’s you will be astounded by the the number of articles hanging from every possible space. Old Gaslights, farm implements, crockery, photos, weighing scales and a near life size statue of John Wayne (in The Quiet man) are collocated throughout the Pub. The building has a long history as pub stretching back to 1800s with family names such as Callan, Flynn and Glenn on all associated with this Pub at one time.

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Celtic music is a group of music genres that evolved out of the folk music traditions of the Celtic peoples of Western Europe.

It had profound impact on American music particularly bluegrass and country music (in the 19th century).

Celtic music, in the next centuries was fused with rock and roll.

Typical Celtic rock instruments are bass guitar, mandolin, guitar and drums

20160922_205138 (3).jpg

In this picture, we can see 8 buskers playing

their own instruments. These musicians are performing 

in one of the beautiful streets of Galway. Everyone is playing 

different instruments but overall the music is quite Harmonious 

and catchy.



One of only a few bands to achieve consistent commercial and critical success across three decades, U2, has charted success on its own terms on both the artistic and business sides of the music industry. From the band’s earliest days in Dublin, Ireland, to the present, U2 has broken free from the traditional limitations of what a rock band — and rock music — could and couldn’t do. By combining an original sound with honest lyrics and a challenging social message, U2 has earned the respect of their peers and critics, and an almost fanatical following of fans around the world. This is their story.

Bono is the singer and the front man of U2



The most famous Irish instruments are:

  • The Celtic Harp
  • The Uleann pipes

The Bodhran


The Fiddle


The Irish Bouzouki


The Celtic harp is a triangular harp traditional to Brittany, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It is known as a telenn in Breton, cláirseach in Irish, clàrsach in Scottish Gaelic and telyn in Welsh. In Ireland and Scotland, it was a wire-strung instrument requiring great skill and long practice to play, and was associated with the Gaelic ruling class. In the Republic of Ireland, it appears on the coins and coat of arms.








In Ireland, people practice a lot of different sports, the most famous of which are Rugby, Hurling and Greyhound racing.

Rugby Union, or in the most common form, Rugby, is a contact team sport which originated in England in the first half of the 19th century.

One of the rules of rugby football is based on running with a ball in your hands.

In its most common form, a game is played between two teams of 15 players using an oval-shaped ball on a rectangular field with H-shaped goalposts on each try line.



Greyhound racing is an organized, competitive sport in which greyhound dogs are raced around a track. There are two forms of greyhound racing, track racing and coursing. Track racings uses an artificial lure that travels ahed of the dogs on a rail until the greyhounds cross the finish line. In coursing the dogs chase a live lure.greyhounds-3480


Hurling is an outdoor team game of Ancient Gaelic and Irish origin.The objective of the game is for players to use a wooden stick called a hurl to hit a small ball called a Sliotar over the crossbar to score a point or under the crossbar to score three points.


Federico Contardi, Roberto Bisogni, Gianmarco d’Elia.


Ireland is become famous for its charming history that has as protagonist the legendary clan of Celt or the mystic figures of the druids.But Ireland is also famous for…its typical food.


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The basic ingredients are Soda Bicarbonate and buttermilk,which are mixed in with flour.

But someone might prefer to add a spoonful of honey or dried fruits to make it sweeter.


  IRISH STEWImage result for irish stew

Irish Stew is one of the simpler dishes of the Irish tradition composed of onions,potatoes and carrots.

Some people add liquor at the end,but today something is been changed in fact we can find also lamb and herbs such as thyme



This recipe is composed of grated row potatoes mixed with other mashed potato,flour and salt with sliced butter.

It takes its name from the Irish phrase” Arandochti” meaning “poor-house bread”
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This name comes from the slow summering or “coddling”of ingredients in a one pot stew.It is composed of  slices of pork sausages packed in with bacon and slice potatoes and onions


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As we know potatoes are the typical Irish food introduced from the new world in the late 16th century.Potatoes are still a staple at most mealtimes : For example Colcannon ,one of the most classic dish,mashed potatoes, and butter or cream ,flavour with scallions.

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